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Sunday, 15 June 2008

We went to a dog show yesterday at Port Lymphe Safari Park. My friend Rachel sort of 'talked me into it', as I wasn't too sure - long journey, high petrol prices, and how would Bonnie react with all those other dogs - I was sure she's gonna go crazy. But it was a great day. The journey took not that long, motorway was almost deserted. The weather was fantastic. And Bonnie was sooo good. Every now and again, if another dog gave her a 'strange' look, she would bark etc, but apart from that, she was as good as gold. Didn't even pull me - funny that is, if she sees ONE dog when I take her out for a walk, she will pull like mad, but with hundreds of dogs in one place she is fine. She didn't win any prices, but came under the first 8 under the 'prettiest bitch' category.

Me and My Dog show

And that's what Bonnie does to my plants in the garden:
Yep, that WAS a nice plant!


Bliss said...

Oh Bonny! Mama certainly won't like you doing that to her garden. Hi Peggy. Come meet Harry our 10 week old labrador. He has joined Lucy the lab in the garden at Castle Bliss.


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