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Monday, 21 April 2008

Here is the start of Sara's wedding sampler. I've done all that over the weekend, it's about 10% I'd say. The little flowers will form a heart shape, and the name of bride and groom sort of go in the middle. I will work on it every other week, and I had a look in my diary - the wedding is middle of June! this week is Poodle-week. That project is obviously not so urgent now, as Rachel's birthday is gone la la.... maybe I should aim for her birthday next year or Christmas LOL.

Yesterday was a lovely day for a change, the sun was out, and I took Bonnie for a long walk across the road from us. It's a sort of brownfield side where a new (small) housing side is being build, and they also develop the fields into parks with cyclepaths etc. So far, it is very nice to walk as not many people know about it, and no one as actually moved into the new housing development. I hardly meet anyone on my walks - gosh, this is relaxing! Yesterday, Bonnie made friends with an old Golden Retriever lady called Betsy. After the inital exictement, both just calmly ignored each other, I was well proud of Bonnie. But a bit later we met a huge German Shepard, and the owner just pulled him away desperately to the other side - while at the same time both dogs were just pulling towards each other.

The day at work had'nt been too bad. I feared it will be manic, as it always is on Mondays, and I was on call over the weekend as well. It could have been worse I suppose, and I finished at 2pm again, ready to pick Ruby up from school.



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