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Monday, 17 December 2007

This is a smallish Christmas picture I started last year. But as I only stitch Christmassy in December, I'd put it away last January, and finished it off now (almost, only a bit ob BS and French knots left. The kit was supplied with a (cheap) red plastic frame in the shape of a house, which actually does not look too bad

And this is the other Christmassy piece I'm stitching at the moment. Its from Heritage Stitchcraft, John Clayton 'Holly'. I received this kit as a secret santa present in an exchange a few years back, and loved it, only slightly annoying bit is the 14ct Aida - never mind, as it is going to be completely stitched out (even the background) I guess it shouldn't matter.
Apart from this, I am trying to get some studying in. My results for D315 came back - I've passed my exam with a 'Pass 2' - as this is a level 3 course, this result really matters and I'm quite glad.
My material for the new course DD307 'Social Psychology' has arrived, and I started to work through the first block.
Chapter 1 Social Psychology - past and present
Chapter 2 Methods and Knowledge in Social Psychology.
Today is Ruby's Christmas play and I took the day off - bliss. I'll try to work through the books this morning, and hopefully get plenty of stitching time in later on. Back to work tomorrow, but the week before Christmas is hopefully a bit relaxed, trains will be hopefully less crowded, but with regards to our line of work it will unfurtunately not make a difference - if anything, it is more dreadful to deal with death around Christmas.



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