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Sunday, 23 December 2007

I received a Christmas surprise from Marlies, containing 'Printen' (which is a German Christmas type of biscuit) - I've all gobbled them up already.... And this beautiful card, it doesn't show up on the picture, but is really pretty, stitched on fine Linen.

We've had our Office Christmas Party on Thursday. The venue was a pub called 'The Doggetts' , overlooking the Thames - it was really pretty. Not a lot people came though, all sorts of excuses valid and not, never mind, I enjoyed the food. Got a nice secret Santa present - a kitten calender and a dish with a fat candle - this is rather spooky as I wanted to buy both those things for myself but I'm sure I haden't mentioned it to anyone in the office - so well done Secret Santa! The (very quite) party came to an end at about 23:oo hrs - so no wild falling out of pubs stories with our parties.

This is a small box i did as a Christmas present for my friend Rachel. it was a kit, and really easy to do, it took me approx. 2 hours to stitch and to fit it all together, it looked stunning and I was well pleased with it - wanted to keep it to myself actually LOL - Oh no, Rachel, hope you enjoy it of course.

I went to see Rachel yesterday with Imran and Ruby. Imran wanted to go and see her because of the dogs - she's got 6 poodles. Oh, they are ever so nice and cuddly, so very different from the cats - I always come back from Rachel's wishing I could have a dog, but with all of us working, the dog would be on its own most of the day, and not to mention what the cats would say... Well, one day, when I'm retiered, I will most definitely get a dog.



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