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Saturday, 10 November 2007

well, I had to happen, didn't it..... went back to the Sewing Machine centre in Welling today. The repair of my old machine was supposed to be over £50 - so I decided (surprise, surprise) I'd treat myself to a new machine.

Can't really afford it shortly before Christmas and 2 children's birthday's - but that's beside the point, I guess, I had to have a new gadget. Not that I sew very often, infact, I haven't done any in the past 10 years. was fun though trying it all out when we came home. And Ruby, my little darling, left her bag with her mobile phone in Lidl in Welling. I phoned up Lidl's headquarter (apparently, you cannot call the shop directly) and passed my number on to them. and believe it or not, someone had handed the bag in, and we can go tomorrow and pick it up. Admittedly, the phone was a cheap one (£15 I think), but still restored my faith in humanity for the day.

Apart from that, I'm still knitting. Did a scarf, finished one sock (yipee), with the second one on the needles. will show tomorrow. Sorry, I am just too tired after work during the week to make entries here - but promise to try as often as I can. Oh, and I added my name to the waiting list of this new knitting community everyone is on about: Ravelry. Only 11.000 something in front of me before my membership is getting approved. ..



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