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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ruby at Ally Pally - can you see her bandaged finger?

I went to the Knitting and Stitching shown in Alexandra Palace on Friday. There are 2 major stitchting exhibitions (in and around London, anyway), in Olympia around March and this one in Alexandra Palace in October. The Olympia one is much smaller and focuses on cross stitch, papercraft and knitting. Alexandra Palace is - huge - , there were lots of textile arts exhibitions, lace making, everything to do with textiles really. Lots of cross stitch and knitting, all the 'usual suspects (exhibitors). I only ever went to the one in Olympia in March before, mainly because I safe up for it, and can't really safe for 2 shows a year *sigh*. Anyway, I decided to visit Alexandra Palace (or Ally Pally, as it's known) for the first time this year. I was not disappointed and will make it hopefulle a regular feature every year. I went with good resolutions of not spending any money, not a lot anyway, but it never happen's doesn't it.
So this is what I got, the new Jane Greenoff book (and she signed it for me), my usual Anchor colours (I buy a small amount every time I go to a show so eventually I got all colours, some evenweave (28 and 32 count), 2 Bang on the Door kits forRuby, a Eva Rosenstand kit of a tablerunner. and the usual small bits like needles (26er and 28er - I can't get those here in Hobbycraft. Oh, and a seat frame. Tried it out already, it works brilliantly, but only when stitching smaller things.

And this is my new pride and joy. I had decided already a while back that I will treat myself to a new lamp. Saved up for it, saw it in the fair reduced (but was too heavy to carry back on the train), went the next day to Hobbycraft - and it was reduced in Hobbycraft as well - hey presto, the lamp was mine. Stitching seems to be a whole new experience!


Sirvinya said...

Glad you had fun at the show! I'm going to the Harrogate one at the end of next month and can't wait!

cross stitch peg said...

Thanks Sirvinya - you now you'll enjoy it!


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