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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I have worked in Greenwich for the past few days (no access to the net! in the year 2007!), but will be back in my old place again tomorrow. Looks like though I will have to help out in Greenwich ever now and again which I don't mind. Travelling is slighly less.

Today I went to a Fingerprint course. Got all dirty with the ink, but it wasn't too bad, it left me confident enough to do it. Car passed MOT yesterday (and I'm £160 lighter for this small pleasure).

Stitching-wise... well, I finished the Christmas Ornament for the Advent Exchange on the Kreuzstich-Liste, but can't show it here yet obviously. The whole of last Saturday I fought with the $%%£$% sewing machine. I hadn't used it for about 10 years - you see, I like cross stitching, but the sewing machine and me don't agree. Anyway, i tought I'll try to overcome my adversery and ordered the missing bobbin case. Well, guess what, the darn thing don't work. I can't get the lower thread to come up, I ended up covered in white thread all over me, the house and the cats. Stuck the sewing machine in a black binliner in protest and showed it the big fat wheelie bin outside... well, I have calmed down a bit and might take it to the sewing machine shop. Can only do that on Saturday unfortunately, the shop is in Welling (abt. 20 mins. drive from here if I get through alright).


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Cross Stitch Peg
Thank you very much for visiting my blog and adding me to your links. I'm so excited about hearing from you - more on my blog as I want to read your comment again before I reply to it. But first I must read your blog again very carefully for clues.... !!!

Leigh Russell said...

ps I spent every sewing lesson at school trying to work out how to thread the **** thing (I don't want to use bad language on your blog but I did get seriously frustrated with that sewing machine!) My daughter sews and it still amazes me when I watch her thread the thing. How is it possible to remember where the thread goes? All she says is, "It's easy," or "It's so obvious." To some people maybe, but whatever part of the brain copes with sewing machines is clearly missing between my ears....

cross stitch peg said...

Hi Leigh, nice to hear from you again and I will def. read your blog regularly now! I always thought that my job lends itself to crime writing, and I feel that there a lots of stories sitting inside me waiting to get out, but unlike you, I didn't find it so easy to put it to paper (or into a word document ;-)) At same stage, I started to make notes at work of stuff I was sure I could use one day... I just find I don't have the time at the mo, and other things seem more pressing *sigh*.While the work especially in a mortuary is not really that great (more smelly like!!), its certainly an interesting job, and yes, there is -always- a story behind every sudden death, even stuff like suicides etc. That's one part of what I like, finding out the story behind the 'cause of death'.
wow - now I know a -real- author hee hee


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