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Monday, 3 September 2007

Phinn, Gervase ' The Other Side of the Dale '

A delightful story of romantic England. In this fictional account of his early years as school inspector, Gervase Phinn vividly describes the classrooms of the Yorkshire Dales, where children are often wiser than their teachers, and where many a lesson provokes laughter as well as learning. And back in the office, his colleagues are an unforgettable bunch: Julie, the office chatterbox, the irrepressible Sidney Clamp, and Connie, the caretaker from hell. Not to mention
the formidable Mrs. Savage, scourge of the inspector's office. Nothing controversial here, easy reading, pleasant language.


Ed - The Music Man said...

I was lucky enough to hear Gervase speak and meet him with Richard Ingrams at one of The Oldie Luncheons at Simpson's In The Strand. I knew teaching was rewarding, but he made me want to go out and teach tomorrow! Ed


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