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Wednesday, 16 May 2007


got two books today. Monica Ali 'Alentejo Blue'. it's only just come out in paperback, but -- lucky lucky - I found it in our library in Southwark for sale. it is the hardback, which I don't really like (too bulky to carry, too much space on the bookshelf), but hey, for 30p, how can I complain. I can only recommend looking at library withdrawn sales, the one in Southwark is really good and surprises me with very current titles. don't assume the withdrawn one's are really only very old and grubby books - they are not! (Don't rush all to Southwark Library now will you!)

Now despite this I still was drawn to WH Smith when catching the train. Jilly Cooper's 'Wicked' was half price offer of the week, and I got it - what the heck! The blurp promises a good summer time read. It's basically a story of 2 schools, a comprehensive and a posh one. I read somewhere (Metro?) it is full of stereotypes, especially those from the lower end of the social order :-)). Still should be a good read. Only problem --- when! It goes to the top of my TBR pile which is currently about 50 books (?) high. Sigh.



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